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Farm Rules

1. Pay for what you pick.

2. No smoking.

3. No pets allowed on the farm (licensed service dogs are allowed).

4. No large backpacks/bags are allowed in the orchards.

5. No throwing produce of any kind.

6. Please respect the farm, crops, and other visitors.

7. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children. Children may not enter the corn maze or corn pit without an adult.

8. Please pay attention to and be mindful of signs indicating rules on the farm. They're there for your safety! 

9. No climbing on trees or any machinery (tractors, etc.)

10. Please do not sample the fruit. Fruit should be rinsed with water before consumption, and our policy is to pay for what you pick. Thanks! 

We appreciate you for helping to make the farm a safe and fun environment for everyone!

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